♡ about me ♡

Hello, hi there, my name is Courtney my favorite color is pink and I’m actually just 600 shrimp in a trench coat disguised as a sad nerd. I live in LA…no not that one I live in Louisiana. I go to LSU and I’m a fisheries and aquaculture major.

My blog consists mostly of comic books, video games, music, and random things that make me laugh.

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"what did you say about the wolverine movie you piece of shit?" -anonymous

"oh lord time for bed it’s that hour when courtney gets weird on twitter" -Anissa

"Just don’t get arrested" -my dad

"you a lil gay shrimp bitch" -Julianne

“I’m concerned for everyone I know after meeting you.” -Moriah

"I want to be u u have friends ur white ur purdy anD u have a 5s" -Alana


"have you ever been approached about being a belly button model? -anonymous

"are you wearing underwear?" -Mary

"I’m gonna put my face in ur boobs and never let you go again" -Amanda

”? really” -my 10th grade math teacher

"Courtney….why is there a plaid couch in my garage?" -Melanie

"Wrong Courtney then. You are just Courtney. Not "weird courtney." Feel good about that." -my ex’s step father

"i literally fucking adore you i swear to god it’s getting out of hand" -Jenna

"no offense but I want to cum on your face" -anonymous

"u deserve an oscar for being a bitch" -Jeré

"don’t snapchat me I don’t want you on my best friend’s list" -my sister


"are you taking another selfie?" -my mom