people say bisexuals are greedy but ive never met anyone greedier than a straight man

ok so my roommate went home this weekend and she just got back and so she walks in with her parents again ?? and they’re like helping her put her laundry away and stuff so that was kind of awkward

and then when they were done they all started praying together which was definitely awkward

and like I have a little gay pride flag on my shelf and now i’m wondering if they’ve seen it/what they think about it

'True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know you're great, you have no need to hate.'
This is gonna sound so stupid but what is a fuckboy? lol
+ Anonymous


fuckboy symptoms:

  • timothy over here askin’ for nudes when all u did was say hello
  • connor who won’t calm down with his axe spray tryna infect ya lungs
  • colin adding #420 to his bio when he smoked weed one time
  • gregory mad cause u didn’t blow him after the first date

how to spot a fuckboy:

  • white nike tube socks with his adidas sandals
  • he wants to play 20 questions (!!!!!!!!! do not play !!!!!!!!!!! especially if there’s a “;)” involved)
  • relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women
  • looks like he just read one of jaden smith’s tweets in all of his selfies
  • can’t find the clitoris

fuckboys come in all shapes and sizes and results may vary but when he a fuckboy…he a fuckboy…and u will know

I’m sorry, did your animal just call me a liar?


Jaws (1975)


My anaconda don’t wanna go to class tomorrow


girls don’t like boys girls want a captain marvel movie without tony stark in it


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girls don’t like boys girls like lady sif in high definition

are you team boy toy named troy or team dude named michael


That was my nickname is high school


That was my nickname is high school