my roommate went out of town today and she probably won’t be back before I move out at the end of the month :((((

she’s working the desk at the dorm next to mine this year though so I’m sure I’ll have time to harass her at work

also this means I’ll have the place to myself so goodbye pants for two weeks

As for the feeling of donning an iconic outfit, such as Bucky’s trademark coat: "I’m not going to lie; it’s cool. You can’t help but think there’s going to be an action figure and a video game based on this, on you. It was like being 14 again and going outside to play on an afternoon - except you’re part of a multimillion-dollar movie"

Some names will always taste bitter.

( 6 Word Poem About Love, by Devyn Springer (via wannabepoesie) )


if the song ‘magic man’ by HEART does not play in the dr strange movie I will be very disappointed


someone on my dash just misspelled lederhosen as leiderhosen which translates to unfortunately trousers which is surprisingly still accurate


Near Victoria Island, BC. An encounter between a killer whale and a kayakist… by Jacques-Andre Dupont


never a bad time to eat a girl out

Remy LeBeau + kinetic energy

Catwoman, by bengal

I haven’t played animal crossing in 7 months and I’d like to give a huge shout out to the beautiful town ordinance bc all my flowers are still alive and I have like no weeds

As far as enemies go, you don’t even rank in my top ten!


this is how i would want my wikipedia article to end


this is how i would want my wikipedia article to end